“We’ll Build Camps With Barbed Wire.” Audio With Voice That Sounds Like Deputy Interior Minister Leaked

BYPOL, a telegram channel of former investigators and law enforcers, published an audio recording in which a man with a voice that sounds like the ex-head of the GUBOPiK [the Main Directorate for combating organized crime], and now the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs – Commander of the Internal Troops Nikolai Karpenkov, tells why Alexander Taraikovsky died, and shares the details of the meeting with Alexander Lukashenko, where law enforcement officers were instructed on how to treat protesters.

Among other things, the man with the voice that sounds like Nikolai Karpenkov says that the head of state “will provide security forces with any weapons,” and also reports that Alexander Taraikovsky died from a rubber bullet that “flew into his chest.” The recording was allegedly made at the end of October since there is a phrase “Ivan Vladimirovich Kubrakov, Major General, was appointed Minister, today he was presented with the shoulder straps of the Lieutenant-General.” [This happened on 30 October – Ed.].

[The video/audio has to be deleted since the channel that published it was declared extremist in Belarus on 23 April 2021.]

At the beginning of the recording, the person talks about the Russian MP-443 Grach gun, which the Belarusian security forces allegedly received. Judging by the sounds on the recording, the person holds the pistol in his hand and demonstrates to other people how it works. At one point, this same person, mentions Alexander Taraikovsky, who died on 10 August.

Yes, Taraikovsky, yes, a drunkard and a moron. He died, of course, from a rubber bullet that hit his chest. He was standing there in a shirt, and I think that it won’t get stuck on the back of the shirt. Russian weapons, traumatic weapons, are no different from combat weapons at close range.” […] The person notes that “by order of the president, 100 pistols were purchased: 30 to SOBR, 20 to Almaz, and 50 pistols were handed over to us.”

“Therefore, as the president said, if one is rushing at you – use a weapon, a non-lethal. Point-blank: legs, stomach, balls. So that he understands what he has done when he regains consciousness. Well, […] either maim, or mutilate, or kill him. Use the weapon right in the head, right in the head, right in the face, right there, after which he will never, well, return to what he was before that. Well, if they save him, so let it be. If he loses half of his brain, well, he deserves it. Because basically all those who take to the streets at the moment, take part in a rail war, who block the roads, attack the police, throw Molotov cocktails, are terrorists. They don’t belong in this country.”

Only one side has the right to use firearms

“The President also said that until December, all these moments that are on the street must be sorted out and dealt with toughly. Everything was explained to everyone, the Constitution was proposed. He also said that he will not be elected for the next term. [The President said] I know that if I now, we succumb to these persuasions and leave, they are all done, they will simply be destroyed, destroyed, and many of those present here. They will make lustrations, they will be tortured.

Investigative Committee Suspends Investigation Of Alexander Taraikovsky’s Death

All just like it is written: we will come and we will break everything – this will all come true. That the GUBOP will be disbanded, the internal troops will be disbanded, the OMON will be brought to their knees, humiliated, and so on, and many others, whom they choose. Therefore, it was said to restore order, and order will be restored. Here are the instructions of the head of state. The commanders should set the task and here it is: we have weapons, we have them.”

“As grandfather Lenin said: in the country, only one side has the right to use firearms – the state. Others who take up arms are bandits. Bandits and terrorists, and the attitude towards them should be appropriate.”

Camp for the especially sharp-hoofed

“The database is being created. In this database, whoever gets there a second time should stay there. We were told to develop, build a camp, build a camp, well, not for prisoners of war, not even for internees, but a camp for especially sharp-hoofed ones, such for resettlement. And surround it with a barbed wire along the perimeter. We need to set up two premises: a floor with a furnace, a floor for feeding, so they can work.

Keep them there until it all calms down. The head of state covers us from all sides in terms of using firearms. He says, right away, he says, there is no need to shoot like crazy. It is necessary, he says, to give a person a chance in this situation for him to realize. But if not, but if not, then… it comes out, shoot away. Because that’s the kind of time it is, not a colour revolution but a hybrid war.”

The Ministry of Internal Affairs responded to the audio recording published by BYPOL earlier today. “We have not and will not comment on fakes. The tasks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are to protect public order, ensure security and fight crime. We are guided by the law in our activities,” said Olga Chemodanova, an official spokesman for the Ministry of Internal Affairs.