You’re Invited! Brest Turns 1,000 Years, Throws Epic Party This Weekend

Did you know that Brest turns 1,000 this year? To celebrate the grand occasion, the city authorities decided to throw a grand three days party and you are invited.

Have you been wanting to visit long ago but there was always something that held you back? Now is the time, wait no more, Brest is calling!

Patriotic programs, fireworks, various shows, concerts and many more. Hundreds of events will take place at numerous venues across the city from 6 to 8 September.

The city will buzz in the center and on the outskirts for three days. Not a big fan of folk songs and dances? Go to the city’s beach to listen to the Ukrainian pop duo Vremya i Steklo.

Or head to Plošca Lenina where a festival of youth music with the participation of rock legend Deep Purple and Rainbow ex-vocalist Joe Lynn Turner will take place.

Hate the exhibitions? Hurry to Praspekt Mašerava to take a glimpse of an international carnival. In general, the program of festivities is great, Brest won’t disappoint you, we promise.

Friday, 6 September

The first international children’s festival of theaters and books “Bookcase” will kick off in a new puppet on Friday and run till Sunday.

The program includes 30 plays based on children’s books, 70 literary and cultural events, master classes, exhibitions, installations. Got your attention? Well, a full program can be found here.

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The event starts at 6 pm on the site of the monument to the 1000th anniversary. They say the scene has already been set and is waiting for the musicians.

Saturday, 7 September

A lot of events are planned for Saturday: exhibitions, fairs, concerts. One of the most striking historical events will be held at the Berestye Archaeological Museum.

At 2 pm, an ancient city will grow near its walls, which will provide fun activities and entertain its guests with historical theatrical performances and knight tournaments.

At 3 pm, participants of the international carnival will march through Masherov’s central city avenue. The event has already become Brest’s signature feature.

Тhe city and the whole country will celebrate the millennium, a celebration which will culminate in a music-historical show “Millennium”. It will begin at 9 pm at Brestskiy Grebnoy Kanal.

The organizers promise a grandiose two-hour performance of 16 episodes with 700 actors telling about Brest and its people. The second day of the holiday will be marked with fireworks.

Sunday, 8 September

Sunday is a sports festival day. Brest Half Marathon will start at 9 am at Brestskiy Grebnoy Kanal.  An avalanche of runners will rush along the main streets of the thousand-year-old city.

Those who are more into cultural leisure will be able to watch the performances of street theaters, be at Plošca Lenina from 8 pm to 10 pm there.

Families with kids are invited to a kite festival in Park Voinov-Internatsionalistov from 12 am to 2 pm, and then to the city park, where the paint festival will start at 3 pm.

Young people are invited to uz’biarežnaja Francis Skaryny, where the family festivity “Love is” will take place at 3 pm, at some point the popular band Vremya i Steklo will rock it.

Want to avoid crowds and just strong around the city, use our guide on must-dos and must-sees while in one of the most southernmost cities of Belarus. Enjoy!

Source: TUT.BY