Belarusian Border Guards Detain Illegal Immigrant From Austria

Belarusian border guards stopped an Austrian citizen who was walking on foot from Poland to Belarus on 8 August.

After detention, the illegal immigrant admitted he arrived in Belarus for permanent residence. The incident took place around 12 am in the Kamenets district of the Brest region.

Border guards noticed the movement of an unknown person and immediately sent a quick reaction group there. With the help of a security dog, the intruder was detained in accordance with the Code of Civil Procedure.

A 45-year-old citizen of Austria, whose name is not disclosed, carried a change of clothes, phone, tablet, knife, wire cutters, hacksaw, money and telescopic sight. In the course of interviewing, the man admitted he no longer wants to stay in his country anymore and plans to live in Belarus instead.

After legal procedures on violation of border regime, an Austrian was reportedly transferred to the Polish side. Recall that two months ago another foreigner from Denmark was detained by border guards for walking from Poland to Belarus on railway tracks.

He carried a driver’s license, expired passport and maps of Belarus and Russia with him. According to the tourist, he was walking to Minsk for tourism purposes. The incident was reported to the Polish side.