Belarus’s Birthrate Is In Steady Decline, Falls To Historic Low Of 1945

In 2019, 87,851 children were born in Belarus. This is a historical minimum for the period since 1945, Kastryčnicki ekanamičny forum Telegram channel reports.

According to the National Statistics Committee, 94,042 babies were born in Belarus a year earlier. At that time, it was the minimum figure for the last 13 years.

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“The record is not fun: even during the 1990s crisis and difficult 2000s, a number of births were higher. Then there was no large-scale housing support, benefits and family capital, and salaries were much lower than we have now,

What’s wrong? Yes, people gave birth to their first child later. Yes, the fertile age includes generations of women born in the 1990s, when there was a gap in the birth rate. But the level of support is now immeasurably higher!

In 2018, the total fertility rate – the one that should be more than 2,1 for simple reproduction of the population, was below 1 in Minsk, and in other regions, it fell significantly compared to the peak in 2016.”

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For comparison, in 1950197,164 people were born, in 1960, the number was 200,218 thousand people. In 1990, the birth rate decreased to 142,167 people, while in 2000, 93,691 new Belarusians were born.

2015 was a record year in the history of modern Belarus, then 119,028 children were born. In 2019, according to Belstat, just over 9 million 475,000 people lived in Belarus. In 1991, the country’s population totalled 10 million 189, 800 people.