Watch Belarusian Ospreys Via Nestle 24/7 Live Stream Cam

Last year a live stream camera was installed at the osprey nestle. This season bird watchers and wildlife lovers can take a glimpse into the birds’ daily routine.

Watch in real time!

It’s a sure sign of spring, as a pair of ospreys have returned to their nest at Krasny Bor on April 4.

They can be distinguished by the colour of plumage – the male has a white throat, the female with speckles.

As soon as the birds arrived they immediately started to adorn their new house.

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They brought branches and digged a hole in the center of the nest.

The most interesting moments of the birds life will be published on Facebook page of the hunting farm.

The video below shows the male osprey bringing some fish to its hungry female partner.

Arranging of live streaming in the area was not a piece of pie.

Krasny Bor is a sparsely populated territory, where the 3G network has unstable coverage.

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There were only two osprey nests where the internet signal was sufficient.

This year, the online monitoring system was improved.

Different specialists worked on it – system administrators, power engineers, electricians, supplyers, welders, huntsmen and others.

The team was advised by colleagues from the Baltic countries where such broadcasts are conducted for several years.

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Equipment was installed before the osprey came to the breeding grounds, so the birds were not disturbed.

Source: TUT.BY