Belarus Once Again Delays The Launch Of Biometric Passports. Why?

Belarus once again postpones the launch of biometric passports to some uncertain date in the future. Previously, 1 January 2019 and 1 January 2020 were indicated as start dates.

“For technical reasons, the deadlines are likely to be postponed,” Deputy Interior Minister and Head of the Public Safety Police Nikolai Melchenko told TUT.BY. According to the official, the department is coordinating certain issues connected with the technical aspect.

biometric passport belarus

Head of the Citizenship and Migration Department of the Interior Ministry Alexei Begun also didn’t specify the exact date for the introduction of ID-cards. The agency representative promised to announce the deadline this December.

In any case, biometric passports will be issued in 2020.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but also in the Ministry of Communications and Informatization, the National Center for Electronic Services, the Department of State Marks of the Ministry of Finance are working on the task.

E-passports will contain an electronic chip with a digital signature, which will operate in the Belarusian Integrated Service-Settlement System (BISRS). Besides, the digital documents will be examined by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) which sets the standards for e-passports.

Recall that a biometric passport will replace a paper one allowing Belarusians to travel abroad and giving access to many state services. The ID-card will serve as an internal document like in many European states.

ID cards will be available for Belarusian nationals, foreign citizens permanently residing in Belarus and stateless persons. It will not be necessary to exchange paper passports for digitals documents at once. Both passports will be valid for a certain period of time.