Belarusians Are World №1 At Drinking Alcohol, But… Are We?

From Lithuania’s speedy Wifi, Sweden’s pop music or Canada’s donughts, all nations have something to celebrate.

Belarus is no exception, however, we are the best ones at a pretty controversial habit – drinking alcohol. Not exactly the kind of thing one is usually proud of, right?

belarusians drink alcochol

This is according to the International Number Ones map for 2019, based on the data from the CIA, New York Times, Bloomberg , UN, World Bank, and other sources.

The map does leave some doubts. The latest report of the World Health Organization (WHO) put Belarus at 27th place in terms of alcohol consumption per capita.

In 2016 the country didn’t even get in the top 20 of the most sozzled states in Europe. Thus, Belarusians turned from the most drinking nation into moderate drinkers.

The categories of ‘bests’ range from commodities, economics and technology, to more ambiguous things like ‘nice’ and ‘nasty’ number ones.

Belarus’ neighbours Russia are best at the number of dashcams, Lithuania has the fastest Wi-Fi, Latvia is ranked #1 for most women per 100 men, and Poland is famous for currants.

But it isn’t all cause for celebration. The less favourable qualities are marked with a black ‘nasty’ tag. The holders of the tag may or may not surprise you.

The US is trumped as being best for spam emails,  data breaches are most common in Australia, and Honduras — in perhaps the most morbid ranking — is the number one country for murder.