MFA: It Is Hard For Belarus To Balance Between Russia And The West

It is difficult for Belarus to balance between Russia and the West, considering how far the two sides have crossed a line in their “bellicose rhetoric”, Belarusian Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Makei told journalists on the sidelines of the¬†international conference Minsk Dialogue on 2 June.

The minister noted that Minsk is not going to choose one or the other side.

Vladimir Makei Belarus MFA

“I personally do not like the phrase “Belarus should be a bridge between the East and the West”. We are just trying to suggest the ideas that could help build a constructive dialogue between the opponents regarding our national interests,” the official commented.

Speaking at the conference, Makei said that Belarus considers it important to diversify foreign trade using the one third rule. The country prefers to divide exports among the markets of the EU, the EAEU and the countries of the “far arc” for economic security.

In additon, FM noted, Belarus significantly intensified negotiations on accession to the WTO in 2016. In particular, it signed protocols on the completion of bilateral talks with Japan and South Korea.

As for the sensitive issue of Belarus-EU visa talks, Vladimir Makei refrained from naming any terms of their possible end.

“The talks are underway. We are working with the European Union in a calm regime. It will take some time to resolve technical issues that are on the agenda,” the minister said.

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