Unofficial List: What Injuries People Suffered During August Protests In Belarus

A few days ago, TUT.BY has received a document titled “Appeals street_from 08/09/2020” from unofficial healthcare sources. It contains the data of more than 1,100 people who sought medical care, as well as a description of their injuries.

The document is a list of people who sought medical treatmet or received it in various health facilities “during street events” on 9-23 August in Minsk. It indicates a place and time of treatment, a diagnosis by ambulance personnel, a health facility, and a diagnosis by the hospital.

According to the document, approximately 1,140 people needed medical treatment in Minsk. Opposite a field “unknown” there is a record “death before arrival”. Presumably it was Alexander Taraikovsky – the indicated time and location coincide with the circumstances of his death.

Injuries registered on the night of 9-10 August 

As indicated in the document, at least a hundred people were injured from 9 to 10 August in the capital (in all Minsk clinics, including those where TUT.BY could not confirm all the data). All evening and all night they were taken by an ambulance to different hospitals.

Patients with the most severe injuries were admitted to the Main Military Hospital. Several dozen people were admitted to the military hospital that night with shrapnel wounds to the face, chest, abdomen and limbs, lacerations, gunshot wounds, burns to the upper limbs and abdomen.

The evening after the presidential election on 9 August, 2020, Minsk

Below are just some of the diagnoses:

  • penetrating gunshot wound to the abdomen, eventration of the small intestine,
  • open chest trauma, traumatic shock,
  • mine-explosive trauma of the hip, TBI of moderate severity, bruises of the soft tissues of the head,
  • comminuted wound of the neck, right forearm,
  • penetrating comminuted wound of the anterior surface of the neck,
  • chemical burns of the conjunctiva of the cornea of ​​both eyes,
  • multiple gunshot wounds to the trunk, right lower limb,
  • laceration of both feet, face wound.

That night, three people had a fracture of the base or vault of the skulls. One of them had a comminuted fracture of the bones of the fornix and base of the skull, facial skeleton, pneumocephalus (accumulation of air inside the skull), hemorrhagic contusion to the brain, hematoma of the right frontal lobe. According to unverified information by TUT.BY, they were brought to the 5th hospital.

Another person was diagnosed with an open craniocerebral injury of moderate severity, an acute meningeal hematoma, a fracture of the vault and base of the skull, pneumocephalus, a closed fracture of 2-7 ribs on the right side, as well as an unconfirmed state of alcoholic intoxication. A person was transported to the 4th hospital.

Isolation center on Okrestin Street

Some injured people were taken from 1st lane of Okrestin Street, 36. This is where the Center for Isolation of Offenders of the Main Internal Affairs Directorate of the Minsk City Executive Committee is located. From there, some 50 people were hospitalised. Ambulance calls were being made from early morning on 10 August till 15 August (one person was taken away on 15 August).

On the night of 14 August, 2020, at the he Center for Isolation of Offenders at Okrestsin Street, Minsk

After examination in hospital, the patients were diagnosed with various injuries: mostly multiple contusion to the soft tissues, chest, hematomas of the hips and gluteal region, bruised wounds in the parietotemporal region, less frequently, fractures of the ribs, arms and fingers, closed TBI.

Some detainees were admitted to hospital with a convulsive seizure, post-epileptic seizure condition, eye injuries, hypertensive crisis, a closed fracture of the right patella with displacement of fragments. Two hospitalised detainees were found to have alcohol in their blood. One person had 0.7 ppm, another one had 3.3 ppm. In three others, the state of alcoholic intoxication was in question.

Minsk police departments

On 10 August, two people were hospitalised from the Leninsky District Department of Internal Affairs: one with incised wounds on both thighs, the other one in a state after an electrical injury. After visiting the hospital, both went home.

In the evening of 12 August, a person with closed TBI, concussion, contusion to the soft tissues of the head and lumbar region, multiple hematomas of the lower extremities was hospitalised from the Pervomaisky district police department.

In the early morning of 13 August, a man with a closed TBI, a brain concussion, a bruise of the soft tissues of the parietal region on the right, and a broken nose were taken by ambulance from the Leninski district police department.

On the night of 13 August, a person was hospitalised from the Partizansky District police department after an epileptic seizure, a closed TBI, a fracture of the upper wall of the maxillary sinus.

Injuries registered on 13 – … August 

According to the document, on 14-15 August, there was an increase in admissions to the 6th city clinical hospital. Recall that the detainees were released from the the Center for Isolation of Offenders on Okrestsin Street on the night of 13-14 August.

As indicated in the lists, the injuried went to the hospital on their own, and were treated as outpatients. For two days, some 60 people went to the clinic. Most often, hospital doctors diagnosed contusion to the chest, hematomas of the thighs and gluteal region, abrasions of the temporal region, wrist and knee joints, hematomas around the eyes, contusion to the joints, closed TBIs, and healing fractures.

Patients of the 11th hospital

As follows form the document, from 11-21 August, at least ten people went to the 11th city clinical hospital or were hospitalised to the department of maxillofacial surgery and the ENT department.

The evening after the presidential election on 9 August, 2020, Minsk

Here are just some of the diagnoses:

  • fracture of the upper jaw and a contused wound of the face,
  • open traumatic fracture of the zygomatic bone,
  • closed traumatic fracture of the zygomatic arch on the right with displacement of fragments, traumatic neuropathy of the 2nd branch of the triple nerve on the right, paraorbital hematoma of the right eye,
  • open traumatic fracture in the lower jaw in the frontal region without displacement of fragments,
  • open traumatic fracture of the zygomatic-orbital complex on the right with displacement of bone fragments,
  • bruised and lacerated wound of the left eyebrow, hematoma of the upper and lower eyelids of the left eye, hematoma of the superciliary region on the left,
  • traumatic perforation of the tympanic membrane on the right, abrasions of the right knee joint, incised wound of the right popliteal region.

What else?

One of those seeking medical care was diagnosed with a scalped wound of the right thigh, an abrasion and contusion to the soft tissues of the penis, multiple abrasions of the lower extremities and groin region. One of the patients taken to the emergency care hospital had “damage to the rectal mucosa” under question.

Ethanol was detected in blood of 29 people. Ambulance or hospital doctors noted signs of alcohol intoxication in other 31 people. Recall that there were 1,140 people in the list who applied for medical care. Among them was an injured employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, tentatively, he had a dislocation of the wrist and hand region. He was treated at the hospital of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

On 31 August, Interior Minister Yuri Karaev said that 131 security forces employees were injured during the August protests, of which 28 remained in the Ministry of Internal Affairs hospital at that time. On 11 August, the Healthcare Ministry reported that a little more than 200 people were injured during the protests on 9-10 August. In hospitals, there were people with contusions to soft tissues, extremity injuries.

The Pushkinskaya metro station, Minsk, 10 August 2020

“Several people were hospitalised with brain injuries, as well as chest and abdominal injuries. Mostly mild injuries. Several patients required surgery. Their condition is stabilised. Unfortunately, one person died. Death occurred prior to examination by emergency doctors.”

On 14 August, the ministry’s telegram channel reported that most citizens injured during the protests received medical treatment on an outpatient basis. “150 people are being hospitalised in Belarus,” it reported.

Source: TUT.BY