Belarus Shows Its Power At 2019 Arms And Military Hardware Expo (Photos)

Everybody knows (at least we assume so) that the Belarusian army is one of the most powerful armies in Europe. But do you know how well-equipped it is?

Means of fire destruction, electronic warfare, drones, combat robots and many more. Let’s have a look at arms and military hardware presented during this year’s expo MILEX in Minsk.

The Buk missile system 

This is not a modernization of the Soviet system, but an absolutely new medium-range anti-aircraft missile created by Belarusians.

A modernised Kalashnikov machine guns and assault rifles. Meet VSK-100BP.

The Belarusian version of the compact “minigun”, a modernised machine gun GSHG-7.62.

Another novelty is a Konung tricycle that can easily operate in marshy areas.

It can be used by scouts to perform special operations in the rear of the enemy, bring equipment and ammunition, and evacuate the wounded.

This is Uragan-M. Its range is 1,350 km, the maximum speed is 85 km/h, the wading depth is 1.5 meters.

It is equipped with six guides to launch 16 missiles. Full salvo time is 8,8 seconds, the area coverage is 426,000 square meters.

490 100/V1, the armored car on the basis of MZKT. During its creation, the designers used a modular approach: engines, transmission, and suspension systems could be installed on it.

A special car with a Rubezh barrier-type device.

The vehicle was created taking into account international experience, in particular, the protests of yellow vests in France.

The 9th international expo brought together more than 160 manufacturers from Belarus, Azerbaijan, Germany, Italy, Kazakhstan, China, Poland, Russia, Serbia and South Africa.

Source: TUT.BY