People With ‘Animal’ Surnames Can Visit Minsk Contact Zoo For FREE

Is your surname Wolf, Fox, Otter or maybe Newt, Bullock or Swift? Well, we have good news for you!

Today you have a uniqie opportunity to visit Minsk contact zoo for free.

A contact zoo in “Titan” shopping centre welcomes people with the surnames that also mean names of animals on Saturday, March 3.

The invitation reads: “Hares, Cats, Foxes, Bears, Wolves, Bulls and Horses will be allowed to enter the zoo free of charge.

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The owners of of “bird” surnames – such as Eagle, Goose, Pigeon, Woodpecker orMagpie – also don’t need a ticket.”

The only thing you will have to do is to show your passport or birth certificate at the entrance.

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Your age also doesn’t matter, the zoo is open both for adults and kids. Time of stay is not limited.

The organizers explained the idea behind the action by dedicating it to World Wildlife Day.

“We assume that people with “animal” and “bird” surnames a priori love animals.

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Probably this will be another reason to go to the zoo and show your child animals he saw only in books.”

In the zoo you can give hugs to Cameroonian goats, iguanas, ferrets, African hedgehogs, foxes, rabbits and other fur friends.