Belarus and EU Resume Trade Dialogue

The European Union is resuming dialogue in the sphere of trade with Belarus, the Head of the EU Delegation Andrea Wiktorin told the media.

“I am glad that we’re opening a new format of dialogue, in trade. This is an important step. In recent months our bilateral relations have improved significantly. The new dialogue is a great advancement”, the official said.


Speaking from the Belarusian side, First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Yevdochenko that between Belarus and the EU there are the already existing dialogues on economy and finance, the environment. The human rights dialogue has also been renewed. Besides, the parties have decided to resume dialogues on energy and customs cooperation.

“The agreement on commercial dialogue which we have signed today is obviously not the final stop in our trade relations. This document is the first step in the development of a modern and transparent legal framework”, Andrei Yevdochenko said.

The agreement to resume the trade dialogue was reached in April 2016. Andrei Yevdochenko added that it is aimed at removing mutual concerns and problems, and building a new level of trade relations that will be transparent and very important for the development of business.

Belarus also hopes that in future the European Union will lift its textile import restrictions.

On 13-14 October Minsk is hosting the first round of the trade dialogue between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belarus and the Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission.

Source: TUT.BY, BelTA