Man Dies After Being Shot By Police During Peaceful Protests In Brest

Gennady Shutov from Brest died in a Minsk military hospital, after being shot by security forces during peaceful protests. He got a gunshot wound to the head on 11 August. The man, 43, is the third officially confirmed victim. 

Shutov’s relatives said that they talked to eyewitnesses and they said that Gennady did not fight, did not conflict – he was just passing by. Somebody shot him from the roof of a nearby building, the witnesses said. The man’s family was searching for him for two days.

Gennady Shutov

He was first taken to the Brest regional hospital, and then transported by helicopter to a military hospital in Minsk. His daughter Lyudmila said that her father had a gunshot injury, “the brain damage is severe and extensive, the doctors do not give any prognoses.”

As TUT.BY learned from its own sources, Shutov was unconscious when transferred from Brest to Minsk, he was diagnosed with “An open penetrating gunshot wound to the skull. Contusion – brain damage. Multiple fracture of the cranial vault with transition to the base. ” Gennady Shutov died in the hospital today at 10.20 am.

On 11 August, the Interior Ministry confirmed the use of firearms against protesters in Brest and that one was wounded. It remains unknown whether they meant Shutov or someone else. “A group of aggressive citizens with metal rods in their hands attacked police officers in Brest,” said spokeswoman Olga Chemodanova.

On 9-11 August, about 100 people went to emergency rooms and hospitals in Brest with soft tissue bruises, injuries to the arms and legs, chest, and abdomen. 23 people were hospitalized, some of them required surgery.

The first fatality was confirmed on Monday, 10 August, when police said Alexander Taraikovsky died after an explosive device detonated in his hand while he was trying to throw it at the police. Later a video published by AP showing police opening fire as the man (allegedly Taraikovsky) collapses.

The other day in Gomel, Alexander Vikhor was buried. The young man was detained in Gomel on 9 August. Since then, the relatives have been looking for their son for several days. His mother denied that he was a protester. The man was reportedly held in a police van for hours as his condition worsened.

Source: TUT.BY