What To Do In Belarus Ahead Of BATE-Rosenborg Match? Bjoerndalen Recommends 👍

In his interviews, Ole Einar Bjorndalen often describes Belarus as a super cool country for foreigners to visit that need a little bit of advertising. 

Ahead of BATE Borisov-Rosenborg, TUT.BY made a list of the biathlete’s favorite locations so that Norwegian fans coming to the country and any other travelers made the most of their stay here.

Walk and breath

If you want to fall in love with Minsk, as the King of Biathlon did, go check the masterpiece of urban planning and architecture in Minsk – our parks.


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Публикация от Ole Einar Bjørndalen (@oleeinarbjorndalen)

“The city is in the top of the cleanest cities that I’ve been to,” Bjoerndalen likes to say. “It’s very clean here. You have great parks. For a city with two million city – this is very good!”

Turn into a lilliputian

Go off the beaten track and leave Minsk to climb the BelAZ – by far the world’s biggest dump truck. It is so big and strong it proved worthy of an entry in the Guinness Book of Records.

“I knew these vehicles are huge, but I could not imagine they are so HUGE! It is like standing in front of a giant building… with wheels … that weighs 450 tons.


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Публикация от Darya Domracheva (@dadofun)

It was great to ride this monster!” Bjørndalen’s wife Darya Domracheva wrote after their trip to the BelAZ plant, where they took photos and had some quality time together.

Go cycle

According to Bjoerndalen, Minsk is a great city for tourism, but if you don’t speak Russian, (Rosenborg fans, don’t panic! We got you back.) driving around the city may become a problem.

This is where a bicycle will help you out! Besides, the Minsk cycle path passes through picturesque places where one can accidentally come across Darya Domarcheva.


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Публикация от Darya Domracheva (@dadofun)

“What are my favorite places in the capital? It is a cycle path, parks, we usually go there with Ksyusha (Ole and Darya’s daughter) and the Upper Town with its unique aura and historical values.  This is where I can often be found,” Daria hinted here fans.

Fly a copter

A year ago, Bjoerndalen together with his younger brother and nephew flew a helicopter over Minsk. Happy faces on the photos might imply that the Norwegians really liked it.


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Публикация от Darya Domracheva (@dadofun)

“A helicopter flight over Minsk showed us the city from a bird’s-eye view. It was interesting,” wrote Darya Domracheva on her Instagram page.

Be sporty

For foreigners who love sports and Bjoerndalen, to go to Belarus and don’t visit Raubichi is almost a crime. Get in that biathlon spirit and enjoy the beauty of the Belarusian nature.


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Публикация от Darya Domracheva (@dadofun)

It was there that Ole and Darya were preparing for the season, competed at the Race of Legends and said farewell to big-time sports. Bjorndalen recommends!

Bath, no stress

After sightseeing, museum excursions and active leisure, it’s time to relax. What do Belarusian people (and Bjorndalen too) usually do in such a situation? That’s right, it is banya time.


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Публикация от Darya Domracheva (@dadofun)

“So familiar and so beloved ritual. A steam bath, birch whisks, honey massage, kvass, warm tea and nice conversations – isn’t it the best recovery?” the cute couple asks a rhetorical question.

Bonus! Swamps

Unfortunately, Ole has not yet made it to the Belarusian marshes. However, famous Vitebsk region swamps have long been on the Norwegian biathlete’s shortlist.

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In case you are planning to spend more than two days in Belarus, don’t be lazy to get to this natural attraction. After all, not every country in Europe has such a luxury.