Babushkas, Chernobyl And Bears. British Vlogger Goes On Trippy Trip To Belarus

A British vlogger who goes under the name ‘Bald and Bankrupt’ on YouTube came to Belarus for absolutely crazy and authentic experiences.

Instead of posh hotels the traveler stays in low-cost hotels, eats at local canteens and interacts with ordinary people in Belarus’ province.

bald bankrupt british trip belarus

He deliberately evades the high-end malls, the multiplexes, the cafeterias that sell western snacks and offer free WiFi, he is more into a wild and exotic pastime.

What is his recipe for a no humdrum trip to Belarus that will stay with you forever?

Look for the Soviet past outside of Minsk

Book a room at the cheapest no-name hotel

Meet unfriendly youngsters and eat weird food

Go for lunch with a girl and be ready to pay for it

Get lost in the deepest village

Meet tough babushkas

Explore Belarus Chernobyl zone

Hang out with locals

Go to bar, travel by train, look for a bear and sing with locals

And most important, be open to new, stay positive and be ready to come back!

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