British Vlogger Who Visited Minsk Military Parade, Now Infected With COVID-19

Do you remember Bald and Bankrupt? The daredevil vlogger who travels around the post-Soviet states looking for crazy and authentic experiences. Turns out he visited the Victory Parade in Minsk this May and later headed to other countries with no lockdown. Several months later he told his subscribers that he got infected with COVID-19, presumably in Serbia.

Benjamin Rich, better known by his YouTube channel name Bald and Bankrupt, came into the spotlight after journeying into the Belarusian exclusion zone and then returned there with some treats, still a blank spot for many foreign travelers, in spring 2019.

Apart from his bold explorations (check out Chernobyl village BBQ), he talks on a range of cultural phenomena, explaining how to spot a gopnik (young men/women of sometimes lower-class suburban areas), or why you should pay for the girl if she asks you out.

This year he added several more fun and wild videos to his YouTube channel with over two million subscribers. “The whole world is taking precautions, keeping people safely inside, practicing social distancing, right? Well no… In Belarus they do things differently,” he captioned the video below.

After watching the military parade many locals didn’t approve of taking into account the epidemic situation, he visited an abandoned Soviet pioneer camp, got comletely lost on the way to it and met some random Belarusians.

After that he headed to Khatyn, the village whose almost the entire population was massacred by the Nazis during the II World War. Then there was Studenka village, where Napoleon’s Army met a watery end. Don’t be fooled by a boring video description, Ben somehow manages to combine satire, respect, fun and history facts.

“Whilst wandering through a remote forest in Belarus I saw an old gate post and then soon after stumbled into an abandoned cottage where the inhabitants had seemingly left in a hurry leaving their belongings behind. Well I did what anyone would do; opened a bottle of Soviet champagne and took a look through the things I had found.”

And then goes his latest video, where Bald and Bankrupt tells about his COVID-19 nightmare experience and urges his subscribers to be more responsible than he was.