11 Heart-Warming Photos From Ancient Slavic Harvest Festival In Belarus

This autumn has gifted Belarusians abundant harvest – in the forests and in the gardens. So people celebrated to thank Mother Nature for a good harvest and a good year.

“May you be as rich as this fall!”

Last weekend history enthusiasts gathered in Vyazynka museum to stage Bagach, the Belarusian version of the ancient Slavia feast of harvest.

The Belarusian name of the rite stems from the word “rich”.

In the old days the tradition was dedicated to the end of one harvesting season and attracting good harvest in the next season.

The end of the harvesting season was celebrated on 8 September (21 September in the new style calendar).

harvest festival belarus

harvest festival belarus

A composition from candles and grain was used as a symbol of well-being and demonstrated a typical understanding of the Sun as a giver of life and a guardian of agriculture.

In fact, Bagach refers to a basket of grain with a candle in the middle. The grain was gathered from every household in the village.

People invited a priest to bless Bagach and then followed it around the settlement in a procession.

Belarusians believed it would bring prosperity to every family.

If you’re in Belarus next September, try to get this magical experience!

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