Babariko And Kolesnikova’s Lawyer May Have His Licence Revoked

The Qualification Commission on Lawyers’ Activities under the Ministry of Justice recommended to revoke the licence of Alexander Pylchenko, the defender of Viktor Babariko and Maria Kolesnikova. The decision was made at a meeting of the commission on 15 October. The licence will be valid until Pylchenko receives a written decision from the Ministry of Justice.

“The commission under the Ministry of Justice made a decision that it considers it right to terminate my activity as a lawyer. But there should still be a collegium in the ministry [where the issue will be finally resolved]. Tomorrow there will be a board, the decision of the board will indicate the date from which I no longer engage in activities,” explained Pylchenko.

More than 30 lawyers came to the Ministry of Justice to support Alexander Pylchenko and lawyer Yulia Levanchuk, whose termination of the licence was also considered today. Recall that on 7 October, Pylchenko was handed a “notice of consideration of termination of the licence” at the Ministry of Justice.

As it turned out, the essence of the claims against the lawyer is his commentary to TUT.BY. In an article dated 14 August, Pylchenko spoke about the authority of Prosecutor General and possible actions he can take based on videos published in the media and evidence of beatings of people in police departments and temporarily pre-trial detention centers on 9-12 August.

The lawyer said that the Prosecutor General of Belarus should initiate criminal proceedings on the facts of beating of civilians, cruel and inhuman treatment of detainees. The lawyer also noted that the Prosecutor General’s Office should remove the Minister of Internal Affairs, his deputies and the head of the temporary detention facility from their posts for the time of investigation, until their involvement or innocence is established.

Source: TUT.BY