How Average Salary In Belarus Differs From Our Neighbours

Contrary to the forecasts and expectations that this year’s average wage will reach 1,000 BYN (~$500), salaries in the country continue to fall.

Where is the promised $500?

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In September, the average salary decreased by almost BYN 24 (~$12) and amounted to BYN 964 (~$451). The fall in the average salary has led to the situation wherein some districts salaries don’t catch up with BYN 600 (~$300).

TUT.BY analyzed average monthly wages workers receive in the neighboring countries to see the whole picture of the well-being of the region.

In Russia, the average salary in September was RUB 42,200 (~$636). This is 2% more than in August. Real earnings of Russians increased by 7.2% for the year.

Traditionally, employees of companies involved in the oil industry earn the most. On average, they were paid over RUB 123,000 per month (~$1,855).

Producers of petroleum products earned RUB 85,000 (~$1282). Bank employees and insurers received RUB 81,000 per month (~$1221).

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In Ukraine, the average earnings in September amounted to UAH 9,042 (~$323). The highest salaries are in Kiev – UAH 13,614 (~$486).

In Poland, the average salary in September was PLN 4,772 zlotys (~$1,268). In Latvia, the average salary before tax was €1,004, in Estonia – €1321, in Lithuania – €927.

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In Lithuania, the most highly paid employees are heads of financial and IT companies, programmers and managers in other areas. The number of highly paid specialists also includes judges (€2,423), medical specialists (€1,741), locomotive drivers (€1,597).

Latvia still has a significant regional wage gap. In the second quarter of this year, the average salary before tax in Riga was €1,128 euros per month, while in Latgale it was €702.

In Kazakhstan, our neighbor in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), the average earnings in September were about KZT 160,555 (~$432).

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At the moment, the Belarusian government intends to narrow the income gap between the richest and the poorest regions of Belarus.

According to authorities, the average salary in Belarus should be BYN 938 (~$439) this year, including BYN 1070 (~$501) in December.

It is planned that the employees of budgetary organizations will earn BYN 742 (~$347). In 2019, according to plans, the average salary of Belarusians should be BYN 1025 (~$480).