“If They Threaten You, Put Them Down.” Audio With Voice That Sounds Like Ex Interior Minister Leaked

BYPOL, a group of former investigators and law enforcers, has published an audio recording of the speech given by a man whose voice is very similar to that of former Interior Minister Yuri Karaev. BYPOL claims that this monologue is Karaev’s farewell speech addressed to GUBOPiK employees [the Main Directorate for combating organized crime].

In a five-minute recording, the person is heard saying how security forces saved the country and Belarusians are stupid and narrow-minded.

[The video has to be deleted since the channel that published it was declared extremist in Belarus on 23 April 2021.]

Full transcript of the recording:

“We have overlooked in many ways. As the saying goes, the generals are preparing for war: the way it was in 2010. And this was a mistake. Both the troops and the riot police were preparing for this. Life has shown something completely different. Life has shown that time of dispersal on squares is over. The enemy is different: it is more manoeuvrable, it simultaneously hits in different spots. And not only in different locations but also using various methods. Most of all, in the information space. It splits us in time, takes us to factories and universities. And you handled it very well.

And I will say this: during these first four days, when the attack groups, which even the president already knows about, together with the riot police and internal troops saved the country. We have already turned it into a more protracted, calmer way, where we had the opportunity to think over the details, to plan and not just fight back. We can now attack and […] pursue the enemy.

The way it was in Chechnya, yes. While big groups of soldiers there, acting in brigades, fought off small bites of enemy snipers and grenade launchers, everything was going in the wrong direction. As soon as special forces in the group of 15 people began to find militants in their camps, yes, the ground under their feet caught fire (their home-ground, by the way), and Russian soldiers chased them on their own land. Only not soldiers, but special forces like you. And then they managed to turn the tide of the Chechen war.

We have the same situation here. We have already entered their territory, we have already begun to persecute them, we and other national security bodies – the Committee, the army, border troops – are already pursuing them. And they are already running from us. The more I think about it… [inaudible] stupid and narrow-minded [Belarusian people]. Most of them are fat *ss philistines. They never choose sides. All they favour is a better and calmer life for themselves.

“We’ll Build Camps With Barbed Wire.” Audio With Voice That Sounds Like Deputy Interior Minister Leaked

They cannot see any farther than their noses. They don’t f*ing read. Their needs are limited – their personal well-being. Out of boredom, they start fantasizing about what the country could be. They are easily influenced by foreign powers when ready-made conclusions are presented to them by journalists, political scientists, and telegram channels. They themselves do not always know how to analyze or think. They are not civil servants, but we are civil servants who work to provide for the population, for those very philistines.

They are not grateful to us. They will be grateful only when they lose us and when they starve to bones. And they will remember what the country was. Maybe they will even analyze who chose it. I just want to give them a taste of it. Well, b***es, eat it! But then we won’t be able to back out. We have no right to give them a try and see the country as it could be. Thank you again. Pursue those who threaten you and me, officials. Well, especially if they threaten you: drop everything, find this creature and put it down. Here is my instruction for you.

In response, when I talked to the head of state, well, I decided to avoid protocol and I kept it simple. He mentioned a new one… what was it called? Anti-Crisis Management, after the Coordination Council. I said: ‘Comrade President, I remembered the movie The Crown of the Russian Empire, where two tsars shared the crown of the Russian Empire in Paris. They were also supported by the bourgeois, Western, hence, sponsors. A whole operation: it was necessary to steal the crown of the Russian Empire. And four security officers – elusive avengers like us – did not allow them to do this.’ And then the president spoke again, and I thought of a new meme. He said that it was good that it was not a war that taught the Belarusian society a lesson, but just a misfortune. And I told him a new meme: ‘Saved the country with a blue *ss!’ Goodbye!'”

Source: TUT.BY