Artist Shows Dystopian Belarus That Will Make You Freak Out

What life in Belarus would look like if all of us were living in a fantastic anti-utopian movie? Minsk-based 3D-artist used shock-and-awe techniques to give us a glimpse of a universe where robots won.

Welcome to our grim future.

Mixing reality and fantasy Nikolai Osadchiy creates sketches of futuristic city life. Inspired by canonical Orwell’s 1984 and Wimmer’s Equilibrium the images can’t but give you the creeps.

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“This is my artistic fantasy of the Belarusian reality. Everything is gray, various events, including political ones, are taking place. This is how the images are born inside my head,” Nikolai said.

The artist stresses that he specifically draw robots as unlike robots from Star Wars as they could possibly be. The Belarusian tech monsters look more like tractors, others noted some features of the National Library in them. What do you see?

Source: CityDog.by