Argentinian Musician Names His Band Belarus And Here’s Why

“Our sound is as cool as winters in Belarus”, Ariel, 34, a musican from Argentina, says.

He and his friends have decided to call their band Belarus in memory of Ariel’s great great grandfather.


The man has been doing music since he was 14. Inspired by songs of Joy Division, The Smiths, The Cure and New Order, he and his two friends have created their own post-punk band.

“Frankly, we knew almost nothing about the country and are now gradually discovering it. Once, when I was investigating the migration story of my ancestors, I came across the word “Belarus”.

I liked it as a name for the band. I suggested it to Gonza, the guitarist, and Sebas, the bassist, and they said it sounded cool.”

Ariel found out that his great great grandfather imbarked the ship Weser in 1890 together with other people from village Mscibow (located in present day Vawkavysk district in Hrodna region) and headed to the Argentinian province Santa Fe, where immigrants from Europe and the Russian Empire had founded a small Jewish town Moisés Ville. Ariel’s relative died there in 1944.


Weser, pic from the musician’s archive

However, the band Belarus is based in a different place, Rosario, the largest city in Santa Fe province.

Ariel says they’ve experimented with styles before choosing post punk and new wave music. There aren’t many bands in Argentina playing these styles and singing in Spanish.

“Does the name reflect in our music? Yes, our sound is as cool as winters in your country.”

Belarus banda released their debut demo album in October.

Ariel says it received a positive reaction from critics. Musicians will play a solo concert in their city in December.

Source: TUT.BY