April Texts From And About Belarus You Might Have Missed

April 2019 in Belarus was really intense, it was full of news, events and stories one can’t afford to miss. Moreover, we won’t let you do that, so here’s the list of texts you must read, okay?

Metro, matryoshkamarshrutka

It is clean, it is incredibly loud and it is very difficult to get lost in.

If you need a bit more information about Minsk metro or having troubles with getting from Kamiennaja Horka to Mahiloŭskaja, feel free to use this simple but ultimate guide.

If you are not a big fan of getting underground, choose another, more exotic way of moving around the city. Don’t confuse a marshrutka with a matryoshka and you will get the authentic and a bit claustrophobic experience of travelling with locals.

Ingrid Ponsy from France gave a marshrutka a try and came up with this hilarious piece on why you can and actually have to scream when using it. Bon voyage!

Mogilev is calling

Magnificent, mysterious, meditative… Mogilev! Read our full guide, add it to your Belarus must-see places, visit the city and come up with your own word to describe this marvelous place.

How to get to the third largest city in Belarus, what to sightsee, where to shop, eat and party? Trust us, Alesia Ivankova (*the guide’s author) knows what she is talking about and she’ll leave no stone unturned of your questions.

Land of paradoxes

This may come as a surprise to you, but Belarus – which may seem boring and predictable – is a land of paradoxes. No matter how many times one has been there, it always has something in its pockets to awe-strike and baffle you.

Starting from our unexplainable desire to show off while  to complaining but keep voting for the same president for more than two decades. BelarusFeed asked its readers about all the illogical phenomena they spotted in Belarus and tried to explain them as well as we could.

Collect things and memories

Your shelves and drawers are packed with straw hats and dolls, clay figurines and flax towels? Looks like you are a big fan of good old traditional souvenirs from Belarus.

Well, who are we to judge you, it’s really hard to say ‘no’ to all these cute handmade pieces. Here are just some of our favorite modern keepsakes and take-home goods. Have fun, and you know, collect memories!

Chernobyl Way

26 April 1986 is not an ordinary day for Belarus and its people. This is the day when the world’s worst nuclear accident happened at the Chernobyl plant in the Soviet Union.

Since the late 1980s, the date has become a traditional day for oppositional protest marches. But as the country has been changing over the past 30 years, so has the meaning behind the protest.

From the archive of Georgiy Likhtarovich via vytoki.net

In his piece How Chernobyl became a symbol of 30-year-long protest for Belarusians, TUT.BY political editor Artyom Shraibman explains the evolution of the Chernobyl Way and makes a prognosis for its future.

By the way, those willing to see the aftermath of the tragedy, now have a unique chance to go on a tour to Belarus’ dead lands, walk around the resettled villages and go into empty houses.

Castles and secrets

It’s hard to believe that there used to be more than a hundred castles and even more palaces and estates in Belarus. Only a few dozens of them have survived, mostly in ruins, into this century.

These ruins attract more attention and stir one’s imagination deeper than any other modern piece of architecture. Ready to discover the secrets hidden behind age-old walls? Then let’s start our trip around Belarus’ castles.

Tourist season in Belarus is in full swing and this avalanche of news is solid proof. Recall that foreigners in Belarus will be able to stay in the country without registration for up to 10 days.

Ice is broken but the relevant bill has not come into force yet. It should undergo at least three stages of alignment before being finally approved. All you have to do is wait and follow BelarusFeed news on TwitterFacebookLinkedIn or YouTube.

To be up-to-date is especially important if you’re planning a break in Minsk, Moscow or Kyiv. Still in doubts what capital to visit this summer? This text on prices for meals, drinks and other tourist staples will help you make your mind 😉

Don’t forget that Minsk hosts the 2nd European Games 2019 and fans coming to see it are visa-exempt from 10 June till 10 July 2019. If you are one of them, there’s a high chance you will be among those landing on the freshly constructed second runway at the National Airport Minsk.