AP Video Showing Moment When Minsk Protester Died Contradicts Official Account

The Associated Press news agency published a frame from a video (and later the *video itself) made on the second day of post-election protests in Minsk. It most likely captures the moment of the death of Alexander Taraikovsky, whose funeral took place on Saturday, 15 August.

Elena German, a spouse of Alexander Taraikovsky, who watched the footage identified the man in the video as her partner. According to the Interior Ministry, the man died after an unidentified explosive device blew up in his hands while he was trying to throw it at the police.

Mstislav Chernov, TUT.BY via AP / TASS

However, both the image and video can refute the official account of the death of Taraikovsky. Video shows the man in shorts and a T-shirt (this is how the wife of the deceased described his clothes that night in an interview with a TUT.BY correspondent).

He has a large reddish-brown spot on his chest that looks like blood, his right hand is in the area of the wound. Recall that Alexander Taraikovsky’s death certificate reads that the main cause of death was an open chest wound, he died from massive blood loss.

At some point the man collapses on the ground. Several police are seen nearby and some walk over to where the collapsed man is lying on the street and stand around him. The video does not show what exactly caused the man fell or how his shirt became bloodied.

However, it also does not show that he had an explosive device that detonated in his hand. There are also no explosion, signs of an explosion or flash, and the man’s hands are intact. Thousands of demonstrators gathered on Saturday at the site where Taraikovsky died to pay their last respects and lay flowers.

The Interior Ministry did not comment on the AP video. The Investigative Committee (IC) said that the information published earlier remains relevant. Earlier, the IC reported that an examination was ordered to establish the exact cause of the man’s death.

Source: TUT.BY