Tell Your Granny! Hip Anti-Cafe For Adults 55+ Opens In Minsk

A comfortable place to meet up with new friends, enjoy a meal or have a good laugh. An anti-cafe for active pensioners opened in Minsk.

The first anti-cafe for 55+ of its kind in Minsk!

The cafe opened at the center of active longevity in a historic building last weekend.

A hub where seniors can drop in and connect with others works from Monday to Friday from 10am to 8pm.

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One hour at this friendly place costs 1 BYN, which is about $0,5.

The residents of the house where the anti-cafe was opened can enjoy its aminities for free.

The grand opening of the cafe was attended by the granddaughter of Yanka Mavra  and Yakub Kolas Maria Mickiewicz.

Turns out that Yanka Mavr once lived in the building where the anti-cafe is located.

“For us it was a surprise to learn that the Center for Active Longevity is located in such a historic place. The first thing we did – got acquainted with our neighbors.

After meetings and conversations with people, we decided not only to recreate the history of the house, but also to arrange it visually. This is how the concept of anti-cafe was born.

If there is a volunteer or a team who can help us with the design project – we will be grateful,” said the director of the Center for Active Longevity Elena Demidova.

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The center of active longevity works for about three months in the format of a university of the third age.

Over 400 Minskers attend fitness courses, foreign languages ​​and other activites in the centre.

Source: CityDog.by