Anthrax Detected In Horse At Belarus Farm. The First Case Since 1999

A case of anthrax has been discovered in a horse in the Stolin region – the first case in an animal since 1999, agriculture.by reports.

The horse belonged to a resident of Khotomel village. The corpse of the animal was incinerated. It is unclear how it became infected with the deadly disease.

Specialists are taking swift action to deal with the case. Measures are currently being taken to eliminate the disease, the chief of the village said TUT.BY.

anthrax belarus

“Activities are being carried out in accordance with the sanitary and veterinary rules. Veterinarians and sanitary specialists work separately,” the committee on agriculture and food of the Brest Regional Executive Committee explained.

The endemic farm was disinfected. In addition, livestock of the village is vaccinated, its health status is monitored, Khotomel residents were worried that healthy animals from their farmsteads would be sent to slaughter.

The regional committee on agriculture assured that such measures are not planned: “Vaccination is carried out. There is a vaccine for anthrax, it is very effective.”

No cases of anthrax have been reported in people from Khotomel village, Anton Majaro, the head physician of the Stolin District Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology, said.

According to Olga Kotishevskaya, the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Agriculture, anthrax in animals was last time detected in Belarus 20 years ago.

Anthrax is a serious disease of cattle. It’s caused by a bacteria that survives as a very tough spore in the soil. Cattle encounter the bacteria when they graze close to the ground.

Once the spores are eaten, they activate into rapidly growing bacteria. The result is a rapid death, usually progressing with no signs of illness prior to death.