Animators From 19 Countries Create Animation Film To Support Belarusians

More than 50 animators from 19 countries on four continents responded to the situation in Belarus. In a project Animators For Belarus by Yulia Ruditskaya, they expressed their support and solidarity with Belarusians through art.

According to Ruditskaya, her colleagues around the world are deeply concerned about the events in Belarus. Therefore, Yulia came up with the idea to create a collaboration project and express support for Belarusians in the language of animation.

“More than 50 animators from 19 countries on four continents (Eurasia, North America, Africa and Australia) responded [to the request]. All worked on a volunteer basis, following their hearts and souls. The youngest animator who took part in the project is only 12 years old,” she said.

Some of them were fully aware of the situation in Belarus, others knew a bit less, but all of them deeply empathized with the Belarusians.

Red-Green Vs White-Red-White. The Two Flags of Belarus Explained

“I suggested a general concept. We took a historical flag of independent Belarus as a compositional basis, it has white, red and white stripes. It is a unifying structure that allowed for transitions and combining scenes by different artists into a single piece.

The animators themselves could interpret these colors as they liked: both in the context of modern Belarusian events, and as something abstract. It seems that all the authors accurately sensed what was happening in Belarus. Therefore, all the scenes are very expressive and reflective,” added Yulia.

What is the story behind the film?

“This film is not only about the white-red-white flag, it is also a story about all of us. We are goong through these difficult, dramatic moments in history. We are reborn and moving forward.”