Minsk Amusement Parks Introduce Guest Cards

Two biggest amusement parks in Minsk have introduced guest cards for the beginning of the season. 

Bye-bye, queues!

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This year, the summer season at Gorky Park and Chelyuskintsev Park has started a week earlier. And both places are greeting visitors with a handy novelty – a guest card that will allow skipping the lines for tickets.

Guest cards will soon become available at ticket offices, the administration reported.

Cardholders put a money credit on the card. Then, they just press the card to turnstiles to enter amusement rides instead of having to buy a paper ticket at a ticket office.

The credit can be used throughout the season and will be reimbursed on request at the end of the season if left.

In addition, both parks are working on the system for online purchase of tickets.

Naturally, paper tickets don’t go anywhere – they are still available at ticket offices.

During the summer season 2018, over a million tickets were sold for amusement rides at Gorky, Chelyuskintsev, the 50th anniversary of the Great October Revolution and the 900th anniversary of Minsk parks.