“I Want To Bring U.S. And Belarus Closer Together.” American Shows Life In Here Unvarnished

At the end of 2019, American Brent Gregory, who has been living in Grodno for four years, launched his YouTube channel. In his videos, he shares his impressions of life in Belarus and makes it a-a-awesome.

It’s Belarus Baby!

American Comrade. Source: It’s Belarus Baby Instagram

While his channel is most popular among Americans, Brent believes that all English-speaking people living in Belarus would find it useful and entertaining, Hrodna.life reports.

Just take a look at some of his video headlines HELP! I’m the only American living in this former Soviet city! Culture shock in Belarus or Be careful drinking with Belarusians or this can happen!

I enjoy life here

The man doesn’t consider himself “another travel vlogger” rather a person living in a provincial city of Grodno who can tell others what it is like to survive there on a daily basis having no knowledge of Russian or local American diaspora.

Every day here is a challenge, an adventure and full of foreign surprises.”

Brent, who works at the local IT company Instinctools, has a son growing up in two cultures. The American wants him to speak two languages Russian and English ​​in the future.

“I enjoy living here. The pace of life in Grodno is slower than in the U.S, so I have less stress. I like working in IT. Once a month I go to meetings in our Minsk office. In my free time, I play basketball and tennis with my friends to stay active.” he says.

The idea of ​​creating a channel came to Brent’s mind after his brother Travis suggested him to share his videos about his life in a mysterious European country with other foreigners.

“Ever since I arrived in Belarus, I have been making short videos for my family in America. I made videos about interesting things that I see here, or about my son.

My younger brother Travis told me that I should post a video on YouTube because it will be interesting for other Americans as well. And this is what I did, thanks, bro.”

Bring the two countries closer together

Brent says that most Americans know nothing about Belarus and he intends to change it.

“In my videos, I show everyday life, including work: things that are interesting, exciting or strange from an American point of view. I am sure that in each country there are positive and negative sides. Therefore, I want to honestly show Belarus and its people.

I believe that my son Leo combines the best of both countries, and I dedicate my work on this channel to him. I hope to have some influence, no matter how small, to bring our countries closer. Americans are my main target audience, but I know that videos will be popular here too. And that’s great.”

Brent is one of many foreigners living in Belarus, some of them come here to work, others have families and all of them have something to say about the country. To learn more about it, feel free to read some of our texts and watch videos.

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