American Guy Picks Potatoes, Feeds Cows In Belarusian Village (Photos, Video)

DJ Shelton is a big-city guy from California. This August he came to Belarus to play for the local Tsmoki-Minsk basketball club.

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Knowing nothing about the country or its people, the sportsman agreed to join BelarusFeed reporters in their adventurous journey to the countryside.

Kastryca is a village in 89 km from Minsk with less than 300 inhabitants, whose well-ordered life was a bit disrupted by a sudden arrival of a foreign guest.

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An acquaintance with an ordinary lifestyle of a Belarusian villager started with a roadside well and realization that getting some water at a remote place is not actually as easy as it seems.

Given that DJ came to Belarus in the midst of a harvesting season, he can’t but try his hand in a variety of farm works, starting with mowing grass using a retro horse plough.

After several attempts DJ easily mastered a tricky gadget and soon started cruising around the field for a great amusement of the locals.

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Work done, have your fun. There was one more thing to do. DJ had to face his fears and try to feed a horse a salted piece of bread without getting his fingers bitten.

And he did it like a pro. Finally, the player, accompanied by a host and his friend, goes to a potato field where the whole company pick up potatoes.

Unlike other Belarusian villagers DJ won’t have to use a spade to dig out potatoes, the man has a hard-working horse who does most of the work and much faster than a human with an outdated device.

After completing several rows the American is ready to meet the farm animals. He tries to find a common language with a cow, her baby calf and some chickens.

As the sun sets over flowing grass, it’s time to chop some wood and finally have a well-deserved barbecue with freshly digged potatoes, juicy vegetables and clean water.