Investigative Committee Suspends Investigation Of Alexander Taraikovsky’s Death

The Investigative Committee has suspended the investigation of Alexander Taraikovsky’s death. A criminal case has not yet been initiated, although there is a person who witnessed the death, lawyer Alvina Mingazova told TUT.BY.

Mstislav Chernov, TUT.BY via AP / TASS

“The Investigative Committee refers to Art. 173-3 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Belarus. According to this article, investigation may be suspended based on non-response to an international request; failure to receive the results of an examination or audit of financial and economic activities,” the lawyer said.

In accordance with the Code of Criminal Procedure, the period for suspending an inspection can last up to three months. Alvina Mingazova intends to seek clarification of what exactly caused the suspension of the investigation.

She also said that there is a witness to the death of Taraikovsky. “We have his testimony, both filmed and written. The Investigative Committee requests his personal details, both the lawyer and the witness are ready to share it.”

“Badly Beaten, But Cause Of Death – Heart Problems.” Investigators Reply To Families Of Deceased At Protests

Recall that on 10 August, Alexander Taraikovsky died near the Pushkinskaya metro station. Last minutes of his life were captured on video. The footage refuted the initial version of the Ministry of Internal Affairs: “On 10 August, at about 11 pm, a crowd were building barricades to block the movement on Pritytskogo Street during riots in Minsk. During the confrontation with the special forces, who arrived to unblock the area, one of the protesters tried to throw an unidentified explosive device towards the law enforcement officers. It exploded in his hand, the man received injuries incompatible with life.”

The footage shows: Alexander carries nothing in his hands, and he falls to the ground after suffering an injury to his chest.

While the Investigative Committee is in no hurry to give a legal assessment of the death of Alexander Taraikovsky, criminal cases have been opened against two Minskers for the “We will not forget” inscription at the site of the man’s death. Maria Bobovich is currently in custody, she is charged with two articles of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Belarus – part 2 of Art. 339 [hooliganism] and part 2 of Art. 218 [intentional damage to property]. Denis Grekhanov also ended up behind bars for restoring the phrase. According to his mother, Gorremavtodor assessed property damage at BYN 10,000 [~$4,000/€3,300]. Maria and Denis face up to 10 years in jail.

Source: TUT.BY