Alexander Lukashenko: “You Will Have Other Presidents, Have Patience”

The change of power in Belarus will take place only through elections. This was stated by Alexander Lukashenko during his meeting with the team of the Molochny Mir dairy product manufacturer on 19 March in Grodno. 

Lukashenko also noted that his sons will not participate in the election, but there are a couple of worthy candidates in the Grodno Oblast. The video was published by the Pul Pervogo telegram channel.

Talking to the workers of the Molochny Mir enterprise, he said: “There is only one way for the transit of power: an election, being elected by the people – that’s it.  My children will not become presidents after me, I’ve already talked about it. Here I have two people of mine [points towards Minister of Internal Affairs Yuri Karayev and Governor of Grodno region and former Healthcare Minister Karanik], who can participate in the presidential elections, they will be strong candidates. One is a general, the other is a governor. Young, new generation, smart, they know the value of this country. I’m already starting to look closely, and it turns out that we have decent people who know the country. They will compete.”

Lukashenko also promised that there will be other presidents in the country, but for now, he asked to be patient. Recall that Alexander Lukashenko has repeatedly stated that his sons will not take his post.

Yury Karaev – from June 2019 to October 2020, he was the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In October 2020, he was appointed assistant to the president – inspector for the Grodno region with the assignment of a special rank of lieutenant general of militia. Commenting on the actions of the security forces during the dispersal of the protests in August 2020, Karayev said that as the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs “he did not organize violence, but organized the protection of public order.”

Vladimir Karanik was appointed Chairman of the Grodno regional executive committee last August. Before that, he headed the Healthcare Ministry for a little over a year. In August 2020, communicating with the employees of Grodno Azot, Governor Karanik said that statements about “unjustified cruelty of state structures” are a substitution of concepts and in each case should be considered separately: “They all keep saying that they either went for bread, or, excuse me, just stood aside, went out for a walk.”

Source: TUT.BY