Belarus Resolutely Condemns Missile Strikes On Syria

Belarus strongly condemns the coordinated air strikes launched by U.S., Great Britain and France on Syria on Friday, 14 April.

Make peace, not war!

Belarus urges all the parties involved to immediately stop the use of military force against other states and seek ways of settling conflicts peacefully at the negotiating table.

“The situation in Syria is actually turning into an interstate armed conflict, which risks leading to further uncontrolled escalation that might go beyond the region.

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The use of prohibited weapons of mass destruction should not be left without consequences.

However, the response should be based on unequivocal and verified facts and made in strict compliance with international law.

None of these criteria were observed by those who have attacked Syria today,” the statement of the Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reads.

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The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons should be provided with the possibility to urgently check the information on the use of chemical weapons in Syria and report the results of the investigation to the UN Security Council.

“We believe that all members of the UN Security Council need to make every effort to fulfill the task assigned to them by the international community to restore and maintain international peace and security,” the statement concludes.