Ultimate Vacation Guide To Fun Sports Activities In Minsk

We believe that the best way to feel the rhythm of a new city is to dive right into its life. Active sports is an excellent way to do that. It gives you a chance to meet local people while exploring the city at the speed of your running, kayaking or cycling.

Get your adrenaline rush from our selection of sports activities in Minsk.


Kayak Minsk offers kayak tours on Wednesdays, starting at the Marriott Hotel and finishing in Victory Park. These usually bring together locals and foreigners, making for a cool cultural mix.

It’s not uncommon for the group to head to the nearest café or bar straight after the tour to celebrate the new friendships.

In addition to a regular kayak tour, one can go on a Searching for El Dorado guided tour around the city or any other pre-planned event on offer.

For those looking for some romance, kayak speed dating can be a hit. Just imagine a water violin concert with a violinist playing from the island.  Even if you have never kayaked before, it is worth a  try!

The route is pretty short, just about 4 km, which makes it perfect for beginners. The instructors speak decent English, so you will have no trouble understanding all the safety rules.

Location: 18/1 Pobediteley Ave.


Besides the routes and guided tours we shared with you earlier, there is a 27 km cycling path through Minsk city. If you want to cycle from one end of the city to another, just grab a bike and go for it!

The route goes across three parks (Loshitsa, Gorky and Peramohi), takes you through Niamiha for a little while and ends up near Lebyazhy Water Park (don’t forget to take your swimming suit!).

Pop in here to relax in a sauna or enjoy the sunset at an outdoor pool. Check out map of Minsk cycling routes before you start (the red-colored line stands for the main 27 km cycling route, others are the cycling routes on the sidewalks).


If you cannot imagine skipping your daily run and take sneakers with you everywhere you go,  do not worry, many Minskers have now gotten the jogging bug as well.

The #followminsk community holds open weekly workouts all year round. The project brings together complete beginners and those who have already experienced the joy of running.

This is a great way to get to know like-minded people and look around a new city at your own pace! Learn more about the upcoming jogging sessions to join.

Also, do not forget that the Minsk Half-Marathon 2019 that will be held on 15 September this year.


Just because Belarus doesn’t really have waves does not mean there are no riders ready to catch one, and Minsk Wake Park is a proof of that! Here you will meet real adrenaline junkies.

The Wake Spot has two cable lines with a total length of 160 meters and 9-meter tall support. In addition to a wakeboard, one can try a wakeskate, water ski, sup surf and more.

This extreme park is run by a tight-knit team of professional riders. The team regularly have parties and competitions, so you might even get a chance to win a prize during your stay.

Location: Lahoisk, Drozdy Reservoir, Beach No. 5, Coordinates: 53.956117, 27.449747

Nordic walking

Nordic walking is another way to get to know the greener parts of the city. Minsk has a community of people who aim to improve their health by fitness walk with specially designed poles.

There are a number of experienced instructors who can arrange a guided walking tour for you. Just grab a pair of walking poles they offer and don’t skip their warm-up and cool-down exercises.

On the website (it is in Russian, but there are English and Polish speaking instructors, so don’t hesitate to write or call), you will find the schedule and location of each instructor.

You can find an organized walk in almost every Minsk park on almost any day of the week, so there will surely be a convenient time for you to join.


Despite no mountains in Belarus, we do have mountaineering. If you decide to put on your rock shoes and flex your muscles a bit, go to the biggest climbing center called Trapezia.

The area of ​​540 square meters has about 250 climbing routes designed for every level of physical training. There is an area for rope climbing and a bouldering zone.

If you travel with children, be sure to bring them with you: an experienced instructor will help your child to take their first step upwards. As of 13 August 2019, the center is under repair, it will get back to work in September.


If winter in Minsk takes you by surprise, remain calm. We do love our winter sports — you might know that we tend to receive more gold during the Winter Olympic Games than during the summer ones.

The most popular ski track is in Vesnianka district, which you can easily reach by taking a public bus. The route is 5 km long, and the track is great for both classic and freestyle skiing.

In winter, the track offers a ski rental:  just choose a pair to your liking and go!

Location: 22 Pobediteley Ave.


In a country with a veeery long winter, you have to move around a lot in order to stay warm, so why not do it on a snowboard? In one of the quiet and cozy Minsk districts, you will find Solnechnaya Dolina, a training and education ski center conveniently located on a riverbank.

Here, you can enjoy a good training route, try mountain and cross-country skiing and snowboarding — all without even leaving the city. There are two slopes for skiing and snowboarding: the large slope is 225 m long with 40 m elevation, and the small one is 125 m with 30 m elevation.

The tracks are equipped with drag lifts. If you are a fan of extreme skiing or snowboarding, head to a mini snow park at the larger slope. You can also enjoy cross-country skiing in Kurasovschina Park.

Location: 45 Korzhenevskogo st.


Yoga Place studio has two harmonious and cozy spaces. The main Yoga Place studio is located on the third floor of a historic red brick building along Oktyabrskaya Street.

That is probably the most “progressive” street in the capital, where you will find the biggest graffiti mural in the world and a whole hub of creative and hipster spots.

Yoga Place also runs Yoga Camps, holiday nature tours where one practices yoga every day, breathe fresh air and enjoy walks through the forest.

Location: 16, Oktyabrskaya st., 2nd floor

Text by Karina Sitnik via hifivebelarus.com. To learn where to hike across the bogs or skijor, read the text about sports and nature in the regions.