9 AWESOME Instagrams That Will Make You Fall in Love With Belarus

They say it’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times. The proverb is 100% true in this case!


1. @mzaas by Viacheslav Mazai


Making beautiful shots from above takes a lot of skill, but filling each of them with love is something one should be born with. This Instagram profile is full of warm and cozy views of Belarusian countryside and unusual angles on well-known city landmarks.

By the way, Viacheslav is loved by National Geographic that often features his works in its Daily Dozen.

2. @zweizwei by Artem Pryadko


This photographer possesses an almost magical ability to produce amazing shots of even the most cheesy places. Everytime you think “Ok, I’ve seen this hundreds of times!”, Artem’s new photos will force you to scream “Wow!”.

And he also likes capturing early mornings in Minsk!

3. @dimid_by by Dimid Vazhnik


This guy is often on the move, so his profile combines pictures from Belarus and elsewhere. But when he returns home, Dimid will always make a day more enjoyable by posting a couple of bombastic and flamboyant Belarusian views.

4. @alesha_macarosha by Alexey Dulin 


This profile is something completely different from the previous ones. It is melancholic, calm and reserved, but elegant and exquisite at the same time. The pictures here capture a lot of street life, architecture or just random everyday scenes in Belarus.

5. @hudzilin by Siarhei Hudzilin


Siarhei Hudzilin is a photojournalist from Belarus, so his profile is all about documenting life in the country. But it is no way an emotionless news chronicle – every picture has a character and often reveals the details you would never notice in the daily hustle.

6. @fly.belarus by Flybelarus.org 


If you want to explore Belarus from above, this account will offer a most enjoyable flight! A lot of nature and city geometry, but the best photos in the account, in our humble opinion, are those with roads – because you never know where they will bring!

7. @sergey_plytkevich by Sergey Plytkevich


Sergey Plytkevich is probably the most well-known animal photographer in Belarus. His posts are rare but always curious. Animals, forests and wild spirit reign in this profile.

8. @pivnaya_feya_ by Liuda Bogush


Definitely the most romantic profile in the list! It has a very distinctive and elegant style and captures simple everyday beauty of Belarus.

9. @alex_ugalek by Alex Ugalnikov


Magic, mystery and tenderness would probably be the perfect words to describe this profile. Which is amazing and in a way deluding, considering that Alex photographs freezing winter mornings!The shots are so ideal that they were posted by many art and inspiration websites, like BoredPanda and Thisisnthappiness.

So if you love winter but don’t like cold, this would be an ideal choice for you.