774 People Detained Across Belarus During Mass Sunday Protests

Police detained 774 people at mass anti-government rallies across Belarus, including over 500 people detained in Minsk, the Interior Ministry reported on Monday.

According to the ministry, the total number of protesters on on Sunday, 13 September, did not exceed 22,000. In total, 774 people were detained yesterday, more than 500 of them – in Minsk. 544 people remain in custody pending trials on administrative offenses.

“On 13 September, 28 protest actions were registered in various localities throughout country. The total number of participants did not exceed 22,000 people,” the ministry said in a statement.

The number of people in the procession moving along Pushkin Avenue towards Drozdy in Minsk, was estimated at 15,000 people. Unofficial sources and eyewitnesses reported at least 100,000 protesters taking to the streets of Minsk on the fifth successive Sunday of mass protests.

Vgr.by notes that the number of arrests on 13 September was the largest after the mass arrests in August. In those days, “about 700 people” were reportedly detained on 12 August, the day before, “more than a thousand” were detained, “about 3,000” and “more than 2,000” people were detained on 9 and 10 August respectively.