“Aggressiveness Of Crowd Increased.” 700+ People Detained During Sunday Rallies In Belarus

The Ministry of Internal Affairs reported that more than 700 people were detained during the protests on 11 October, 25 protest actions were registered in the country.

“Compared to the previous Sunday rallies, the number of protesters decreased, but the aggressiveness of the crowd increased. There were representatives of various radicalised groups (anarchists, ultras, etc.). The Ministry of Internal Affairs has taken the necessary measures to maintain order and ensure public safety,” it was reported.

They said that “disparate groups of citizens gathered, some of them showed active disobedience to law enforcement officers, others, having formed a procession and blocking traffic, went out onto the roadway” in the capital near Pobediteley Avenue. By 5.30 pm, the security forces restored the movement.

“In some districts of the capital, there were new attempts to gather protesters in the evening. They blocked traffic, damaged road infrastructure and built barricades. Numerous facts of clashes with law enforcement officers were registered, even in cases not related to detentions. The protesters used bats, stones, and blinding devices. In the area of Minsk Hero City Obelisk, a separate group of women showed active confrontation,” the ministry said.

The movement of personal and public transport was restricted in order to avoid emergencies, and special means and special equipment were used to restrain the pressure of the protesters, “the most active participants in the riots were detained,” the police said.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from 30 to 150 people gathered for rallies in regional centers. In total, the total number of protesters across the country was about 11,000. Yesterday 713 people were detained “for violation of the legislation on mass events”, 570 people are awaiting trial in places of detention.