6 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Hide At Home When It’s Extremelly Frosty Outside

Minus-twenty-and-lower frosts are leaving Belarus and will be replaced by snow and blizzards, forecasts say.

While we sincerely believe that the best way to watch snowfalls is with a tea mug from under a warm blanket, we are convinced that the past frosty weekend was actually great fun.

And here’s why!

1. Because the sky is the clearest when it’s cold, and so it’s the only way you can see a sunrise like this:

2. Because you’ll be amazed at how clean and crispy the air is:

So crispy it makes ice crack!

3. Because most people will probably be scared of cold, so the track will be all yours!

4. Because frost is a very talented artist!

-25С. Парк “Дрозды”. Минск.

Фото опубликовано Alex Ugalnikov (@alex_ugalek)

5. Because you can perform magic like this with water!

6. Because there those who are not afraid of frost at all, so why would you be?