Strong And Crazy! 5000 Beauties Run Through Minsk Centre On 8 March!

5000 women took part in the traditional Beauty Run race in Minsk on the International Women’s Day. 

The main street of Minsk, praspiekt Niezaliežnasci, was closed for traffic during the race. Runners could choose from two distances: 2 kilometers or 5 kilometers. No men are available to participate. Just to support their girls out of the track. It is because men have their own race.

Let’s remember how it was this year: In Kilts And With Beer. 3,000+ Shirtless Thrill-Seekers Run True Men Race

Each runner got a medal and a flower at the finish line. The winners got money prizes and gifts from partners of the event. Those who showed creativity and came to run in unusual costumes also got presents. So, don’t get surprised by these bizarre outfits with gas masks, bright aerobics bodysuits from 80’s, dresses made of newspapers and ice cream wrappers and many others!


Famous Belarusian women also joined the race : Natalya Eysmont – the press secretary of the Belarusian president, Maria Vasilevich – Miss Belarus 2018, the deputy of the House of Representatives of the Belarusian National Assembly, Ksenia Sankovich – the silver and bronze medalist of the Olympic Games, European champion in rhythmic gymnastics and others.

This year the race gathered the record number of participants from 85 cities of Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Hungary and Sweden. The event is held annually since 2006 by the Belarusian Athletics Federation.

Source: TUT.BY