500 Riot-Related Criminal Cases Initiated, Zero On Alleged Police Beatings

Over 500 criminal cases have been opened in Belarus over riots and participation of Belarusians in them. Andrey Serbun, deputy head of the Belarusian Prosecutor General’s Office’s department for overseeing the implementation of legislation by the Investigative Committee, told the Belarus-1 TV channel.

“In the past few months, we have seen an increase in the number of criminal cases related to the organization of mass riots and active participation in them. To date, more than 500 such criminal cases have been initiated,” Serbun said.

According to the representative of the Prosecutor General’s Office, the overwhelming majority of these criminal cases take place in Minsk. He also noted that “each offender will be identified and their actions will be given an appropriate legal assessment.”

In addition, Serbun talked about “the radicalization of the protest movements”. “The actions of the participants in protest actions are increasingly associated with violence against law enforcement officers,” he said.

The damage from illegal actions amounted to more than BYN 18,000, BYN 15,000 have already been reimbursed. As for the criminal cases initiated on the statements of citizens affected by the brutal actions of the security forces

“A review of each application is being conducted in accordance with the requirements of the Criminal Procedure Code. Besides examining the arguments given by an applicant about the illegality of the actions of law enforcement officers, the legality of the actions of the applicant in this situation will be checked.”

Serbun explained that each fact of violence is subjected to forensic medical examination, which takes a long time, “because it is necessary to wait till the treatment is over, to request medical documentation and provide it to experts.”