5 Travel Websites That Will Help You Plan A Trip To Belarus

Belarus has recently begun to open up to foreign tourists, for example, by introducing new visa-free travel rules. And although the first steps have been made, there’s still a long way to go – especially regarding tourism information and tips that are available online.

Of course, we could just write “Follow BelarusFeed and you’ll be ok!” ?, but we are not that selfish ?.

Here are some websites that would be useful for a traveler heading to Belarus. Enjoy!

1. Belarus Travel: info about the country and general ideas

belarus travel main page

It took the country many years to lauch the official travel website. Belarus.travel was presented in January this year.

The website is still in beta version, but you can already find general information about the country, photos and travel guidelines there.

It seems rather user-friendly and gives a good overview of the country – especially to first-time travelers.

The language choice now includes Russian and English. The Belarusian, German and Polish versions will be added in future.

2. 34travel: detailed guides for experienced travelers

34travel go to belarus main

34travel is hip, trendy and creative. As the name of the website suggests, it is all about travel news and guides – and the guys are really good at what they do!

The primary version of the website is Russian, but 34travel has recently launched a special project called Go to Belarus that has an English version as well.

The project’s slogan is “Best of Belarus” and it will be packed with texts about cultural and gastronomic experiences that await a traveler in the blue-eyed country.

34travel go to belarus articles

For example, there are ideas about weekend travel, a curious architectural guide to Minsk as well as a list of cool souvenirs from Belarus.

3. Likealocalguide: tips from the locals and making friends before you even come

Likealocalguide is a worldwide service, so you’ve probably already heard of it.

The travel website gived some quick ideas about places to go in Minsk, but the best part about it, in our humble opinion, is the opportunity to connect with the locals before you even come.

likealocalguide minsk

And it looks like Minskers are glad to friend with a foreigner!

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4.Heta Belarus Dzietka: secrets of Belarusian soul

Heta Belarus Dzietka is a blog about Belarus written by two girls who were born in the country, raise abroad and came back to discover their motherland.

eto belarus detka

It’s not so much about travel, but it will definitely help you to learn a lot about the national character and understand Belarusians better.

For example, we adore this part about superstitions that people in Belarus live by and this homely story about the favourite pastime of Belarusians.

The authors of Heta Belarus Dzietka have also lauched a history blog.

5. Vetliva: all of Belarus tourism in one place


Vetliva is an online booking service by CentreKurort, the domestic tour operator.

This website has a huge catalog with the country’s tourism offers, hotels, excursions, wellness resports, ecovillages, and national parks.

It also includes a rich calendar of events that will prompt you on more things to do in Belarus.

If you still feel it’s not enough, you can always jump to the Lifestyle section on BelarusFeed to find a list of free wi-fi spots in Minsk, check on the things to avoid doing in Belarus or just find out what kind of dranik you are! 🙂