5 Belarusian Linen Brands That Could Be Your Ideal Summer Clothing Choices

Summer in Belarus is awesome but at the same time can be quite hot and stuffy. In addition to drinking water, it is important to mind what you are dressed in. And light linen clothers are ideal in this case! 

Belarus is famous for its flax that is used to make clothes and house textiles. So here’s a list of local manufacturers of linen wear – you can enjoy it yourself or buy as souvenirs.

1. Yuvita

Yuvita is one of the biggest Belarusian manufacturers of women’s wear based in Grodno.

Since 1991, the company has collaborated with the leading European fashion houses and brands like MEXX, AUST, MISS ETAM.

The brand also creates it own collections.

Yuvita has several branded shop in Grodno and sells its clothes in the biggest department stores in Minsk.

According to the company’s website, it actively cooperates with small and large retailers, so it’s quite possible you can spot Yuvita’s clothes in Europe and the USA.

2. Jamido Monofaktura

Jamido is a designer brand from Minsk. The “creative workshop”, as it describes itself, appeared five years ago.

In addition to family clothing, the brand produces bedding sets, table linen, cushion covers, all adorned with unique designer prints.

You can find things by Jamido at fashion markets in Minsk or order them from the brand’s website.

The shipping is worldwide.

3. Orsha Linen Mill

Orsha Linen Mill is another big Belarusian producer.

We would say this brand focuses more on begging and home textile, but website of Orsha Linen Mill offers some curious clothes designs as well.

Orsha linen has branded shops in Minsk (in Stalitsa mall), Brest, Grodno, Mogilev, Orsha and Vitebsk, and is found in department stores like GUM and Nemiga.

4. Lokonkokon

Lokonkokon is a young brand that produces handmade linen clothes and accessories.

Their tender dresses in mint, garnet and violet tints seem ideal for romantic walks and funky trips.

Clothes by Lokonkokon can be ordered online from their page. The accessories of the brand are sold in designers goods shops Y Gallery and Dodo shop in Minsk.

5. Moj rodny kut

This brand is an active participant of fashion and art markets in Minsk.

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So if you visit one of these events, don’t forget to try one a trendy T-shirt with Belarusian patterns embroidery.

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Where else can you buy Belarusian linen? 

Linen things are sold in most department stores in Minsk, for example:

  1. Kirmash (19 Nezavisimosti Avenue);
  2. Belarusian Fashion Center (1 Pobediteley Avenue);
  3. Stalista shopping mall;
  4. Lyanok shop near Yakub Kolas Square;
  5.  GUM, TSUM and Nemiga department stores

By Liza Karpovich for BelarusFeed. Inspired by Citydog.by.