4 Sats, 4 Cultures: Festivals of National Cultures to Be Held in Minsk in August

01_zolotoy_abrikos_zam_tutby_phsl_26042016In August four large-scale festivals of national cultures will be held in Minsk. Local communities of Poles, Koreans, Ukrainians and Georgians will be organizing events in the Upper Town every Saturday.

The parade of cultures will start with the festival of the Polish culture on 6 August.

There will be music performances from 13.00 till 16.00,  while stalls with the national food will be open till 23.00. Visitors of the festival will also be able to take part in various workshops.

13 August will be dedicated to Korean culture; the following Saturday, 20 August will the day of Ukranian culture.

The last Saturday of August will be devoted to a Georgian feast “Tbilisoba”.

“Tbilisoba” was actually first held in 2015. It became an inspiration for this year’s festivals of other diasporas residing in Minsk. First of them took place on 26 June and celebrated the Armenian culture.

Source: TUT.BY.