3G And 4G Internet To Be Launched In Minsk Metro This May

Minsk metro passengers will soon be able to use 3G and 4G networks at all metro stations and tunnels. 

Mobile operator MTS will reportedly provide access to 3G and 4G internet this May.

That means commuters will be able to browse the internet while travelling through 37km of tunnels under the city. Besides tunnels, a 4G connection will appear at all stations of two metro lines.

“Despite the constant movement of the train, its metal case and a large number of passengers, the network’s capacity will be high,” MTS representatives assures.

The mobile internet in metro tunnels will be launched before the European Games 2019 in Minsk. The access speed will be high enough to use video content, MTS notes.

The capacity of the MTS network in the metro will increase more than four times. For network operation, a special cable is used to radiate a mobile signal along the tunnels.

It is connected to the radio modules of MTS base stations installed on each platform and technical premises of the tunnels.

3G and 4G are both networks that connect your phone to the internet. The “G” in each stands for generation. As it is with most techy things, the larger number indicates the newer, better version of a particular technology.

So what’s the difference? Obviously, there are some in-depth technology differences, but from a user’s perspective, it’s pretty straightforward. 4G is faster.