Obsessed With Minsk. 23 Reasons From American Traveller Why To Visit Minsk

Travel blogger and full-time nomad Silvia Lawrence had visited 70+ countries and suddenly fell in love with Minsk in Belarus. 

“My obsession with visiting Minsk eventually became a bit of a joke amongst my friends.”

It took only five days for Sylvia to explore the city, understand and embrace it with all its flaws and merits.

“And guys, Minsk did not disappoint. Some of my friends may be disappointed, however, if they thought this Minsk trip would be the end of my pestering them to go to Belarus with me.

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Sorry guys, but Belarus is amazing and I simply can’t bear the thought of you not getting to experience it, so we are definitely going together.”

After her short trip to Belarus the American compiled a list of 23 reasons why Minsk is a magical city you should visit.

The people

It’s no secret that Belarus is probably the most hospitable country in the world. A rare tourist leaves Belarus without a feeling of being always welcome here.

“Every Belarusian I’ve met has been the nicest person I’ve ever met, so spending a vacation surrounded by Belarusians seemed like it would have to be the best thing ever.

If you’ve ever met any Belarusians before you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say if someone visits Minsk and doesn’t love it, they must not have met the right people – basically, anyone at all.”

Hipster Minsk

Minsk is gradually outcoming stereotypes of being grey, boring Soviet city with nothing to offer for the young and daring.

Streets buzzing with dancing happy people, various fine cafes and restaurants, loads of festivals to suit every taste and budget are here!

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“From cute hipster cafés to indie film screenings to underground music shows, there’s a lot going on in Minsk to keep young people entertained.

Now, before you start packing up your home to move to Minsk I should probably acknowledge that there’s a lot to make life there a real pain, but Belarusians seem to be quite practiced in finding humor and joy in life’s pains.”

World peace exists and it’s in Belarus

Long night cozy talks about life, politics and peace with loclas is something that will open your eyes to the Belarusian reality.

“With one shoulder reclining against Russia and the other brushing Europe, Belarus is friendly with both, but also very much an outsider.

I hadn’t realized the significance of this until my first (of very, very many) late night talks with my Belarusian friends about the state of the world.

I honestly think that if a path to world peace exists, it’s going to be a Belarusian who finds it.”

Not just concrete

Epic stalinist styled concrete buildings and quite working-class streets is something that probably come to your mind when talking about Minsk architecture.

Well, we won’t dissapoint you, Syliya will do it for us.

“Minsk famous for its Soviet architecture, with big concrete buildings and wide avenues, and many hail Minsk as a the most perfect example of a Soviet city, even claiming that the isolated dictatorship is frozen in time.

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 Except Minsk hasn’t frozen in time, and I was surprised by how much of the old Belarusian architecture was intact in downtown Minsk, as well as how many new buildings have popped up around the city. Minsk is definitely more than its brief Soviet past.”


Comfort food? Well, pobably this is the best determination of the Belarusian cuisine. Don’t take our word for it, just follow Sylvia’s steps.

She visited some of the most popular places that serve traditional treats, had lunch at the Palace of the Republic and snacks at Centralny supermarket.

And this is her review.

“Okay, if there’s a downside to visiting Minsk it’s that you’re pretty much guaranteed to leave a few pounds heavier than when you arrived. At least that’s what happened to me.

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Everything I ate in Minsk was so so good. It turns out I’m a huge fan of traditional Belarusian food, but really everything I ate there was amazing.

I’m still daydreaming about that salad and pancake from DEPO.”

Belarusians will make you feel special

Go to Belarus!

“I think the first thing everyone I met in Minsk asked me was “why are you here?” followed by, “what do you think of Belarus?”

So if you want to feel like people care what you think and your opinion matters, go to Belarus.”

If you are still in doubts whether to come to Belarus or nor, the full list of reasons that will make change your mind right away can be found on Sylvia’s website.

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