23 FREEZING Photos Of Belarusians Who Are Brave Enough To Dive In ICY Water On Epiphany

Would you dive when it’s -15°C outside?

We will admit that there were no hard frosts in Belarus on Epiphany day, but the river and lake water was still bitterly cold for those who decided to take the plunge.

Nevertheless, in keeping with the age-old tradition, scores of Orthodox believers and just brave souls began arriving to specially prepared ice-holes all over the country on Wednesday and Thursday to do the so-called “Epiphany bathing”.

Diving in ice-cold water on Epiphany day is believed to cleanse and give health.

Holes in ice are often cut in the form of a cross or there’s a cross made of ice nearby.

Feels pretty scary and COLD!!!

But just look at how happy those bold spirits look afterwards!

Some as if they were actually swimming in a hot tub!

Would you dare to dive?

We probably NOT!