Mostly Germans And Poles. Over 200 Visa-Free Travelers Visit Belarus In 3 Days

The citizens of Germany and Poland have so far made up the majority of visa-free tourists to Belarus since the country introduced new visa rules on 12 February, the media report citing the State Border Committee.

As of 10:00 on 14 February, a total of 281 people crossed the border checkpoint in Minsk National Airport visa-free.


The very first visa-free tourists arrived from China, Finland and Italy. Full report

Visa-free travelers came mostly from Germany (48 people), Poland (41) and Italy (34).

Belarus also welcomed 16 UK citizens and 16 citizens of the Netherlands, and even traveles from very distant countries – two citizens of Australia and of Mexico, and one tourist from South Korea and from Japan.

Starting 12 February citizens of 80 states can spend up to 5 days in Belarus without a visa. The very first visa-free tourists arrived from China, Finland and Italy.

New visa-free rules apply to citizens of 39 European countries, as well as Brazil, Indonesia, the USA, Canada, Japan, and other states.

To enter Belarus visa-free, foreigners need to have a valid passport or other travel document, a certain sum of money (25 Euro (or equal amount in dollars or Belarusian rubles) for each day of stay), and a medical insurance with coverage for at least 10,000 Euros that in valid in Belarus.

visa free to belarua infographic

Visa-free for up to 5 days applies only to trips through Minsk National Airport.