Last Day Of Peace. 10 Photos Of 1941 Historical Reconstruction In Brest

On 21 June Belarus recalls the “last day of peace”.

Following this tradition, historical reconstructions of the events of June 1941 were held in Brest and Brest Fortress on Wednesday.

At 04:45 on 22 June 1941 German soldiers burst over the borders and stormed into the Soviet Union.

Belarus was on their way.

First part of the re-enactment of those days took part in the centre of the city.

Men wore uniforms of the epoch, women and girls were dressed like their great grandmothers back in 30-40s.

The show of pre-war exhibits and photos and musical performance of the city’s brass orchestra added to the atmosphere.

At night the action moved to Brest Fortress memorial complex.

A requiem meeting was followed by the military historical reconstruction at 5 a.m.

Over 500 enthusiasts from 11 countries recreated the episodes of the heroic defense of the Fortress from the enemy.

See more pictures here and here.