Not Only Draniki! 17 Belarusian Foods You Should Definitely Try

Like many other countries Belarus has its own delicious cuisine and many tasty products. Unlike others, Belarusian foods are not widely known across the world.

That’s why we have made up a list of 17 yummy treats you should taste if should definitely try here!

1. Machanka

This is an authentic Belarusian dish cooked from fried meat cuts with butter and flour gravy. This lumberjack food is very nourishing and should be eaten with pancakes!

2. Ryazhenka

It looks like yogurt, but tastes a little bit sweeter. Besides, ryazhenka is a very healthy product.

3. Zefir


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Nobody in the world produces as much zefir as Belarus does  – the whole country eats about 7,5 thousand tons of zefir a year. It’s about 141,ooo,ooo zefir pieces, or 15 pieces per each inhabitant of Belarus.

This fact alone means you should try it!

4. Krambambulya

Krambambulya reminds Russian vodka but has honey and spices added to it. It is drunk both cold and hot.

Locals like it so much that there’s even a popular Belarusian rock-band named after this drink.

5. Khaladnik soup


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This is a cold soup made from sour milk, marinated beetroot and fresh vegetables.

Khaladnik actually comes from the word “cold”, which makes it the most refreshing thing you can eat on a hot day.

6. Kletski

It’s a good option for a simple and nourishing brunch, especially if you tired of eating draniki. But don’t confuse kletski with dumplings!

7. Birch sap

Birch sap or birch water is the sap directly tapped from white birch trees, so it is interesting simply to observe the process of its extraction.

This drink if full of vitamins and, therefore, very healthy. By the way, Belarusian birch sap is sold even in the USA!

8. Sauerkraut (sour cabbage)

This popular Belarusian food is chopped cabbage that has been pickled in brine. It sounds and look gross but is weirdly delicious.

9. Condensed milk

How can it not be tasty?

By the way, Belarus even has a monument to this delicious treat – one can see it in front of a milk-processing factory in Rahachow.

10. Olad’i

Olad’i, or fritters, are a little similar to bliny but are more lush and nourishing than ordinary pancakes.

If you want to get the perfect ones for breakfast, you’ll have to find yourself a Belarusian mum or granny. And don’t forget about sour cream and condensed milk for an ideal match!

11. Kvass


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If you’ve been in Belarus in summer, you’ve probably noticed yellow barrels on wheels and people queueing near them. That’s because they were buying kvass – a drink made on the basis of dry rye bread, sometimes with the addition of beets, fruits and berries.

Ideal refreshment on a hot day!

12. Golubtsy

You can’t go wrong with minced meat and rice wrapped in cabbage rolls!

13. Long potato chips

We just love potato. And chips. And one can never get enough of both!

14. Alenka chocolate bar

The Belarusian version of the famous USSR chocolate. And one of the tastiest chocolates in Belarus!

15. Kissel

This semi-liquid drink is made of fruits and berries and quite delicious. Will you dare to try it?

16. Syrki (glazed cheese curds)

To tell the truth, there’s no cheese inside this sweet snack. Belarusian dairy producers seem to be competing in who makes the best ones – there are cheese curds with cocoa, jam, white chocolate, cookies…

We suggest you start with the one with vanilla, the unsurpassed classics!

17. Cranberries in sugar powder

That’s the hit of the list.


By Iryna Dorosh for BelarusFeed.