10+ Most Underrated BelarusFeed Articles In 2018

BelarusFeed has already recalled the articles that captured the attention of our readers last year the most. Now it’s time to look back at some of the fascinating stories that somehow slipped under the radar.

We put an insane amount of time and thought into them and want to bring them to your attention once again.

1. Belarus is a ripe apple for tourists to pluck it, says this travel buff

One of the most insightful articles on the website is written by a Portuguese railway travel enthusiast. Mario Lobo who fell in love with Belarus long ago, now explains why the country is perfectly ready for tourism and why you should visit it asap.

“The mixture of a certain innocence and slow paced life reflected in a vast city – Minsk city area is more than 3 times that of Paris – with wide streets and sidewalks, inserted in a country where nature is still the ruler, perfectly oblivious to pace of modernity, make Belarus the most charming destination to be found within a 3-hour flight from most western European capitals.”

2. Moving to Belarus from 1st world countries – pros and cons

Imagine this: you’re from Germany, or the United States, or the UK, or Australia, and for some reason, inexplicable to others in your life, you’ve decided on moving to Belarus.

This text is your saviour that will let you know what kind of pitfalls you can expect from Belarus. Pros and cons compared to the hypothetical life you’ve had in the countries they call developed.

3. Seven media blunders about Belarus that will make you laugh out loud

It’s always good to know how the world sees you and media is one the best channels to stay up to date on this matter.


That’s why we looked into all the hilarious blunders and gathered them in one place for you.

4. Brest and around & Grodno and around

Our two guides with plenty of ideas on how to spend your time in two 10-days visa-free zones in style. Rare insights into the history of the cities and modern life are guaranteed!

5. American guy picks potatoes, feeds cows in Belarusian village (photos, video)

DJ Shelton is a big-city guy from California. This August he came to Belarus to play for the local Tsmoki-Minsk basketball club.

Knowing nothing about the country or its people, the sportsman agreed to join BelarusFeed reporters in their adventurous journey to the countryside.

6. 15+ Belarus photos you won’t believe are from this planet

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in Belarus, landscapes that resemble more some other planet’s surface than flat Belarusian fields and mysterious green forests appear. There’s a place where man-made mountains and crystal blue waters create unearthly views that can easily become the scenes of a space movie.

7. 7 weird habits Belarusians have that baffle foreigners AF

Odd, crazy, just weird or absolutely bizarre. Some Belarusian traditions, customs and habits just can’t be explained so easily.

To give you some insight into this subject BelarusFeed made a list of 7  habits that usually baffle people from other countries.

8. Whose pickles are the best? Belarusian tradition to stock up for winter explained

Pickling in Belarus is a time-honored tradition with its own peculiarities, rituals, and secrets. This article shares some heartwarming reasons why Belarusians stock up for winter that will make you want to open a jar of something salty, crunchy or sweet.

9. How French chef breathes life into Belarusian countryside

In 2014 Boris Boignard, a French by birth, married a woman from Vitebsk, bought two country houses in a small village next to Novalukoml and moved to Belarus for good.

This is where he started a new life and changed the lives of an entire village!

10. 13 funny and crazy facts about love and sex in Belarus

A large-scale national survey on family, relationships, gender and fertility was conducted in Belarus. Despite its rather boring title, the study revealed some unusual and attention-worthy facts.

11. The story of a woman who works at a farm in Belarus for 26 years

Small people make bigger stories.

belarusian milkmaid

The story of a woman who has worked as a milkmaid for more decades is something you don’t usually see on the news but it will give you a glimpse of unvarnished real-life Belarus.